Gurgaon Desperately Needs Cell Phone Recycling

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Gurgaon is in desperate need of a system to recycle old cell phones and other forms of electronic waste, according to a new report.  The report suggests that the amount of electronic waste being generated in Gurgaon will increase by no less than 300 per cent within the next nine years.  Thankfully, it is not all bad news however, as many local companies are sensing an opportunity in the crisis that in turn could help to alleviate some of the problems.
Electronic waste management campaigns have been launched to try and raise awareness of the growing problem in cities all across India, including Gurgaon, aiming to educate the populace about the benefits of recycling and the dangers of electronic waste causing damage to both the natural environment and to human health .They will also ensure that less material needs to be extracted from ores to construct new technology.  Despite these campaigns, there still appears to be something of a widespread resistance to the idea of recycling in the country as a whole and Gurgaon in particular.
One ordinary used cell phone alone consists of 45 per cent plastic, ten per cent ceramics, 20 per cent copper, 20 per cent of metals such as aluminum and gold, and five per cent of various other materials, meaning that most of the materials of an old cell phone can be effectively recycled.