Guide In Tracking And Controlling Samsung S4 Remotely

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the new flagship phone of the giant mobile manufacturer. It is packed with tons of magnificent features that make it one of the most sought after mobile device of today. Its large and huge display, powerful processor, enhanced camera functions as well as its marvelous S features are hard to resist. But then, do we care about how we can protect ourselves and our phone from being lost and stolen.

Beyond doubt, the lives of the people these days are dependent on mobile devices. With this, it is highly important that we take the vital steps in order to guard our privacy and safety as well. Mobile phones of this generation are now equipped with advanced security features like Fake Call, Mobile Tracker as well as Listen-in that makes you, your phone along with its contents safe in the highest level possible.

Mobile Tracker for Samsung S4
One of the common issues of owning a smartphone and becoming too dependent on it is losing the phone at the most unexpected moments. It does not matter whether it is simply misplaces or stolen. One thing for sure: it is a major hassle. It is not only for the time and money that you will have to spend that is annoying, but attacking your privacy. Fortunately, a great help is always at hand with the Mobile Tracker feature.

Mobile Tracker is just among the many features that give you more chances in recovering a stolen or lost phone. This works when a new SIM card is utilized in your phone since it instantly create and send messages to a pre-designated contact number detecting the new mobile number. This aids in tracking a new SIM card on the mobile phone which can be a great weapon from thieves. The latest mobile phones have this feature so as the newest phone from Samsung- the Galaxy S4.

Play like a detective with fake call and listen-in

Listen-in and Fake Call Application
Other beneficial security features include the Fake Call and Listen-in application. These applications can be activated by simply double tapping. The Fake Call as the name suggests makes your S4 ring as if someone is calling it. This can be totally advantageous if you are not sure about the environment or you simply want to avoid a certain person. There are several situations when this can be utilized.

Moving forward, the Listen-in feature lets a pre-designated mobile phone user to listen-in to the phone call. This is a magnificent tool and works by simply double tapping the button during the call. By Simply double tapping, your S4 will ring another mobile phone that is unbeknownst to the one you actually called. Just like with other security features, it is not something that you will utilize all the time, but can give a great help someday.

Samsung Dive for remote tracking

Controlling and Tracking Samsung S4
If you are worried about having your S4 stolen or you worry about losing it, there will always be applications and features that can help you track your devices remotely. Samsung has provided a terrific way to manage your devices in the most secured manner. This feature is called the Samsung Dive which lets you lock, track, ring and wipe your S4 remotely. This feature also enables S4 users to forward messages and calls as well as recover call logs. So, if you are paranoid about losing or having someone steals your device, here is how you can take advantage of Samsung’s free service:

•    Make sure that you have the S4 and other Samsung Dive supported devices
•    Ensure that you have a Samsung account. If you have none, make sure that you register first since you need to be logged in to both Google and Samsung account in order to utilize this security feature
•    In order to add a Samsung account, follow the following: Settings>Syncs and Accounts> Add account> Samsung account
•    Activate “Remote Controls” and let Google to access your location. Do the following: Settings>Location> Security. Ensure that the boxes corresponding to “Remote Controls” and Use Wireless Networks are activated
•    Proceed to the website of Samsung Dive and log in to the Samsung account
•    In order to track your Galaxy S4, all you need to do is to click through the following tabs: Lock My Mobile, Ring My Mobile, Message/Call Forwarding/Call Logs/Wipe Out My Mobile/Unlock My Screen

Once you have accomplished all these process in setting up the Samsung Dive, you can begin controlling and tracking your Samsung S4 remotely. It is a terrific feature that lets you recover and locate your Galaxy S4 device. In case you are not able to recover the phone, the positive thing is that you can have the option to wipe all the essential data from it and safeguard all your personal information.

KNOX software from Absolute

The KNOX Software
The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with KNOX software which is a security solution that lets you separate personal and business use of the phone. It also comes with a function that enables you to track stolen or lost phone once a hard reset has been performed. By using this feature, you will be able to track down the phone in a very clever way. Samsung has teamed up with a company called Absolute to make this feature possible with the Samsung S4 making the phone a great purchase.

The great thing with the KNOX software is that it works under firmware persistence so thieves who perform a hard reset you will still be able to track the device and wipe it remotely. With this, users can certainly secure their devices at a higher level.

Truly, these security features can do great things in protecting your phone along with its contents. However, it is also advised that you use the screen protectors and cases for your samsung galaxy s4 smartphone which are sold in many stores like SF Planet, ebay, Accessory Geek and many others, or even local mobile accessory stores to protect the phone from physical damage.