Greenpeace Welcomes Cell Phone Recycling Notification

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Greenpeace has welcomed the notification of a ruling surrounding the environmentally friendly management and disposal of electronic goods such as old cell phones in India.  Greenpeace has been one of the leaders of the campaign to force producers of electronic goods to take responsibility for the disposal of the goods once they have reached the end of their normal product life.
“This is not just a victory for the environment, but business as it creates a level playing field,” claims the senior campaigner for Greenpeace India, Abhishek Pratap.  “By notifying this rule the government of India has taken a proactive and bold step in the right direction.  The main challenge ahead lies in its implementation.  In future, we look forward to seeing the rule move towards individual producer responsibility and the banning of more hazardous chemicals.”
Pratap goes to admit, however, that while the new rule is without a doubt a step in the right direction, it still leaves gaps in the system, most notably with the lack of any safeguards to prevent both the importing of exporting of electronic waste in the country, while adding that there should possibly be financial penalties for product manufacturers who insist on using toxic elements in their products even when there are “greener” alternatives available.  That being said, Pratap concedes he is still very pleased with the progress that has been made so far.  “When we started working on this issue, we were told that the demands we were making were impossible,” he notes.  “Five years later, it’s a case of this change being inevitable.”