Five Health Gadgets Debuting In 2013

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As computers become smaller and smaller, our everyday lives are being changed more and more by them as each day progresses. One of the biggest promoters of each year’s trends, the Consumer Electronic Show, unveiled a slew of products that aim to change our lives in 2013 and give us increased accessibility to entertainment, information and much more.

One trend noticed at this year’s show was the large number of health-based gadgets that can give us a plethora of information about our bodies and activity. The following article outlines five of the most interesting of these devices, which may be useful to you if you plan on getting into shape this year.


One of the most negative elements of more technology and gadgets is the impact it has on our posture. Fortunately, a new belt known as LUMOback aims to change the difficulty of keeping good posture while using our mobile and desktop devices. The wearer straps the belt around the waist, and it emits vibrations whenever improper posture is being held. The data can be wirelessly transmitted via Bluetooth to any compatible device and can be viewed in a rather funny animation, reliving the posture you held throughout the day. This device starts at $149 and can be purchased online from the manufacturer.

Withings Smart Activity Tracker

Rather than create a wristband or belt to monitor fitness activity, Withings has introduced a smart card, dubbed the Smart Activity Tracker. This tiny device does what other similar devices do: it monitors steps taken, distance traversed, calories expended and your quality of sleep. The corresponding data is pushed to a mobile device via Bluetooth and displayed using the Health Mate application. With an LED screen on this tiny card, it’s amazing just how far technology has come. The product is not for sale yet, but you can setup email alerts via Withings to be the first to know when it hits shelves.

O-Synce Screeneye X Visor

Wristband and mobile devices that display data transmitted wirelessly are great, but what if you could see all of this data in front of you as you exercise? O-Synce has debuted its Screeneye X Visor, which displays data collected in a display mounted along the visor. There are no bulky components in this device, so do not fear that your workouts will be impaired. It monitors heart rate, distance, speed and calorie consumption – and can be yours for around $200.

Scanadu SCOUT

Have you ever wished you could know whether you are about to get sick, or if your workout truly took it to the max? Scanadu’s new SCOUT is just the thing to let you know. By placing it to the head, it monitors pulse, heart rate, cardiac electric activity and the amount of oxygen in the blood. While this may not be discernible for the average Joe in making sense of the data, a doctor certainly can decipher the readings. The SCOUT is set to debut in fall 2013 for around $200.

Smart Gluco-Monitoring System

iHealth Wireless has debuted its latest solution to diabetes with the unveiling of the Smart Gluco-Monitoring System. The device works with any iPhone and instantly transmits observations about blood to the device, allowing you to monitor historical results via the included app. With the ability to store up to 500 readings and set custom alarms to remind you to take medication, this will be a definite big-seller once it hits the market in summer 2013.

We would like to express our thanks to Jim Hans who is a certified gym trainer in Perth, and has gratiously helped us in collecting ideas that have been used in the creation of this post. John advises people to stay fit and suggests that a Cross trainer is one option for doing so.