Finns win cell phone throwing contest

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Americans can think of many different things to do with their cell phones.  Calling, texting, playing games, and watching videos are just the tip of the iceberg.  Most likely, however, relatively few Americans would want to participate in a new ‘sport’ involving cell phones, not even if the event is a hit in the northern European nation of Finland.  The sport in question? Cell phone throwing!

Contestants took a deep breath and hurled their cell phones just as far as they possibly could on August 18 in the city of Savonlinna.  The winner for both men and women were from Finland, with the champion in the men’s event throwing his cell phone an impressive 332 feet, which was a new world record in the ‘cell phone throw’.  Unfortunately for the cell phones involved, they weren’t hurled across a field of grass or some other soft surface.  No, they smashed straight into concrete and shattered into hundreds or thousands of pieces.

Those people who have an old phone they’d like to get rid of can probably think of more productive things to do with it.  Recycling comes straight to mind.  A used cell phone can actually be worth a bit of cash and it might be worth quite a bit depending on the make, model, and age of the phone.  Cell phone recycling is also right for the environment since it means that rare earth metals can be reused, which will reduce the need to dig up new supplies in developing nations.