Easier to Recycle Cell Phone Batteries in San Gabriel Valley

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San Gabriel Valley in California in the United States is set to embark on a new scheme to make it easier for people to recycle their household batteries, including ones from their old cell phones.  The San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments (SGVCOOG) decided to create a way to increase support for the recycling of old batteries from items such as used cell phones by increasing the number of drop off outlets at business and retail outlets throughout the community in the wake of research that suggested more people would recycle if there were more convenient ways for them to be able to do so.

Focus groups and phone surveys were held throughout last year that made it very clear that the current system using a battery disposal bin was just not working.  Fifty-nine percent were unaware of battery disposal and fifty -six percent simply throwing their batteries from their old cell phones and other electrical items into the garbage despite it having been illegal throughout the State of California since 2006 simply because recycling was just too inconvenient to bother.  Eighty -five percent however also said that if retailers provided “take back” programs for used batteries, they would be more likely to participate.

“Similar to most parts of the state, a simple and convenient process to recycle batteries had not yet been established in San Gabriel Valley,” says SGVCOG director Nick Conway.  “We are excited to partner with thirty -five local retailers who have agreed to participate as collection sites over the next year to test a ‘take back’ system that would make recycling more convenient.”