Dubai Wants More Cell Phone Recycling

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Dubai is urging its citizens to go green and recycle their old cell phones, as well as other forms of electronic waste in a bid to protect the environment.  The campaign was organized by Dubai Municipality,  and kicked off in earnest on Tuesday with the Dubai Municipality trying to educate citizens.

The assistant director general of Dubai Municipality’s Environment, Health and Safety department, Salem Mesmar has stated “each mobile phone contains small quantities of toxic substances that can leach and decompose in landfill garbage, and leak into ground water,” this happens in countries all over the world.   “It may also cause contamination of soil and penetrate the food chain… Some of the precious metals such as gold and silver are used in the circuit boards of phones and computers, which are recoverable only through this e-waste recycling.”  Mesmar goes on to say that by recycling old cell phones and other such electrical items, they are reducing the need for the extraction and depletion of raw materials in the earth, and thus protects the environment.

He adds that all old cell phones are wiped to ensure privacy and alleviate security fears and  “Most of (all) mobile phones and accessories collected can be repaired or reused”, Mesmar finishes.

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