Disposable cell phones helped Katie flee Tom

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Katie Holmes can thank cell phone technology for helping her arrange her getaway from Tom Cruise.  Unable to use regular phones because she wanted to keep the divorce plans secret until her exit strategy was fully in place, Holmes apparently used a disposable cell phone to plot her escape, a form of communication that is not usually made use of by stars unless they have some reason for worry, which Katie apparently thought she did.

Many have wondered how Holmes seemingly was able to blindside Cruise with her divorce plans, with reports of Cruise’s personal staff and security guards keeping her under constant watch.  However, reports suggest that a friend secretly supplied Holmes with a disposable cell phone that she used to secure a place to live and hire three law firms, allowing her to keep her plans a secret until she was ready to make her move from a position of strength.

Holmes has since managed to pull off a shockingly fast, behind-closed-doors divorce that gives her sole custody of the couple’s six year old daughter, Suri, as well as letting her take the lead in deciding the child’s education, although Cruise has been given generous visitation rights.   Holmes wanted the settlement to have strong guarantees preventing Cruise from attempting to use his controversial ‘religion’, Scientology, to try to alienate Katie from her child.  Family law judges generally give both parents broad leeway when it comes to choosing a religious upbringing for their children.