Cyber-bullying Increases with Cell Phone Usage

Posted by has sponsored research that suggests teenagers who are “heavy cell phone users” are much more likely to engage in the activity known as cyber-bullying while online, as well as being more likely to become victims themselves.

The survey suggests that all mobile devices that have wireless capabilities such as the likes of notebooks, new and old cell phones and tablets can be linked to the rate of cyber-bullying among young people. The survey was conducted online last year with a sample of 503 13 to 17 year olds in the United States, all of whom had access to a cell phone.

The more extensive use of a cell phone the teenager engaged in, the greater the chance of engaging in or experiencing inappropriate mobile activity. Teenagers who are heavy users of cell phones were shown to be much more likely than average users to misuse the devices and either become cyber-bullies or experience it themselves. Heavy users of cell phones are defined as being teenagers who send over the average amount of texts during the course of a typical day at school (60 or more).

The research concludes that 46 percent of all heavy users have experienced cyber-bullying via their cell phones, more than double the rate experienced by those in the ‘normal usage’ bracket (almost 23 percent). Eighty-eight percent of cyber-bullies also admitted that they too had been subjected to cyber-bullying.