Curse the Evil Cell Phone Tower

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I was reading on about how residents of Bloomfield are upset about a cell phone tower being placed on Broad Street.  While I, like the article’s writer, understand the concern, it is a big and unsightly piece of construction, I cannot help but wonder and which is really the worst evil in people’s minds: an eyesore of a cell phone tower or poor cell phone connections?

I mean, it is a trade-off, isn’t it?  Now, cell towers are needed to accommodate the every-growing population of cell phone and smartphone users.  People get really upset when they do not get a signal or the signal is weak or full of static.  So what are our mobile providers supposed to do about it if not put up more cell phone towers?

The cell tower in question in this case is one for T-Mobile.  The proposed site is on property owned by a Garden Center.  The owner of the Center is fine with it being there, saying he was told that there would be no health risks, another of the locals concerns.  A T-Mobile representative confirms this, saying that the tower will operate 1,300 times lower than maximum radio frequency allowed.  However, local residents simply do not want it in their back yard.  They propose it is moved to a different location.  One of the area’s business owner’s has even hired an attorney to fight the proposal.

Meanwhile the zoning board is checking into legalities of placing the tower; their next meeting on it is next month.