Colbert County High Gets Into Cell Phone Recycling

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The Student Council of Colbert County High in Alabama in the United States is getting into cell phone recycling.  The Council has decided to enter into a competition to collect old cell phones in the hope of winning cash for the school and an iPad.  Colbert County High is one three schools participating in the contest, which is being sponsored by the Dallas based recycling company CPS Cellular, in the local area.  Every used cell phone collected by the Student Council will be rewarded with two dollars, with the race on to collect as many as possible by the contest closing date of 11 April.  The old cell phones that are collected do not need to still be in working order.  Also, those donating need have no security concerns as any information remaining on them can be erased by obtaining a code from the manufacturer of the phone in question.  Any components of the old cell phones will be either recycled or reused if at all possible.

“This is the easiest type of fundraising because the students are not asking for money, they are only asking for old cell phones people aren’t using anyway,” says Student Council sponsor Kim Landers, who notes that old cell phones can be dropped off either at the local Colbert County landfill or at Foodland in Ford City.  “We have sent our first box of phones, but we need to collect many, many more,” she adds.