Cell Phone Trade Kills Teen

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A teenager trying to buy an old cell phone via internet website craigslist has been murdered by the man supposedly selling the phone.  In a shocking incident in Hazel Park in Detroit in the US, nineteen year old Johnathan Clements placed an ad on the internet site indicating that he was looking to buy an old cell phone.  A man responded, indicating he was willing to sell the used cell phone for ninety five dollars, and the two arranged to meet at Clements’ house – only for the man to produce a gun and shoot Clements, stealing the ninety five dollars before fleeing the scene.

“He was talking to him on the phone as he was walking out the door,” family friend Renee Norman says of Clements’ final moments.  Clements lived with his aunt, Renee Bommarito, who heard the shot inside the house and rushed out to find her nephew convulsing on the ground, clutching his chest.  “We never really heard a shot before except on TV, so I would have never known though (that) the sound I heard was a gun or him getting shot,” Bommarito says.  Clements was rushed to Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak but died during surgery.  “I would never have thought this would have happened,” Bommarito admits.  “You don’t know think about that, and that’s a bad thing.”  Police are yet to catch the killer, but are hoping to track him down via the records of the cell phone conversations he had with his eventual victim.