Cell phone throwing world championships achieves record

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With cell phone giant Nokia having recently closed down their final manufacturing plant in Finland, it was perhaps just a matter of time before locals vented their frustrations.   Those frustrations were certainly noted in the brand new world record that was achieved at the 2012 Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships.

The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships is actually a recycling event that was started a number of years ago and which includes three categories of throwing: the standard ‘over the shoulder’ style, a free style category that aims for creativity and nice aesthetics and an under 12 category.

Ere Karjalainen, an 18 year old who says his way of preparing for the event was “by mainly drinking” set the new world record.   Jeremy Gallop, who won England’s national championship earlier this year, came in second place with a throw of 311 feet, with the women’s category won by Finland native Jonna Mattero with a throw of 139 feet.

Karjalainen’s new world record of 101.46 meters has already been challenged however by JIM Mobile’s Belgium Championships, during which contestant Chris Hughff was able to throw his old cell phone 102.68 meters, a record that was proved at the time by video evidence and a laser range-finder.

The world championship cell phone event started in Savolinna in Finland 12 years ago, back in 2000, and soon became so popular that the event started to be held in numerous other countries all around the world.