Cell Phone Recycling Conference Ready to Kick Off

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The third annual International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo will be held over a period of three days from the 25th to the 27th of May at Las Vegas’ JW Marriott building.  The event, which will bring together representatives from the electronics recycling industry (including recyclers of old cell phones), as well as electronics manufacturers, venture capital firms, brokers, metal refiners and others from all across the electronic waste management spectrum, will feature exhibitions from more than 70 companies and is expected to be attended by over 700 people from all over the world.

“The International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo is a chance for industry stakeholders to come together and discuss the strengths, opportunities and challenges in their businesses and the business of managing end of life electronics,” says Ismail Oyekan, the program director and president of IERCE.  “The conference provides an excellent opportunity to meet others involved in the industry, to build relationships and do business.”

The International Electronics Recycling Conference & Expo is intended as a platform for learning and networking for recyclers of old cell phones and other electronics, as well as manufacturers and all of those who hold stakes in electronic waste management, an industry now worth many millions of dollars.  The convention will kick off at 6.30am on the 25th of May with a reception to welcome all attendees and a party to officially launch the Electronic Waste Journal.