Cell Phone Aids Prison Break

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A prison escapee may have used a smuggled cell phone to arrange his hasty exit from the establishment, according to investigators.  Twenty seven year old, David Puckett, who was serving a thirty-year prison sentence for the aggravated assault on a public servant in Lavaca County in the United States, used the smuggled cell phone to contact Omaha woman Mattice Mayo to arrange for a speedy exit once he had fled Stiles Unit.  The twenty-five year old Nebraska woman was arrested on Monday night, not long after Puckett himself was recaptured.  Puckett is believed to have made around two hundred and ninety-seven phone calls to Mayo in the last few months leading up to his escape.

Senate Criminal Justice Committee Chairman, John Whitmire, D-Houston, was outraged after learning how Puckett was able to arrange his escape.  “This is absolutely outrageous,” Whitmire, who did himself receive death threats from a convict on death row via a smuggled cell phone two years ago in 2009, says.  “Apparently the (Texas Department of Criminal Justice) is incapable of blocking cell phones from getting into prisons, and now one has been used in an escape.  Before we experience a tragedy, this needs to be stopped.” Whitmire has called on Governor Rick Perry to authorize prisons to begin jamming cell phones in prisons in Texas henceforth.  “We need zero tolerance on cell phones in prisons,” Whitmire believes.  “Whatever it takes.”  Perry has been unavailable for comment.  A cell by cell search has been arranged in the prison to look for other smuggled cell phones.