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5 Top Tech Trends to Watch for in 2015

Are you intrigued by the rapid technological advances being made in fields like biometrics and nanotechnology? Do you marvel at inventions like self-driving cars and tissue regeneration and wonder what the near-future holds for everyday technology users? If you’re enthralled by the innovation happening within the technology sector, following are five tech trends you’re likely […]

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3 Innovative iPad Accessories to Crave

Do you enjoy discovering cool accessories for your iPad? Are you usually the first one in your social circle to find innovative products to share with your friends? If your answers are affirmative, you’ll likely enjoy discovering the following sweet treats for iPads. Proceed with caution though as you’re likely to end up wanting some […]

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Take Charge of Your Home From Your Phone

The U.S. Bureau of Justice estimated that in 2011, almost 3.4 million homes were broken into. If you’re on a trip and unsure of whether you locked the back door, that statistic is enough to cause alarm. But, instead of bothering a neighbor or relative to check, these useful smartphone apps can keep you connected […]