Where Can I Watch The Apple iPhone 6 Event?

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Where Can I Watch The iPhone 6 Launch?

Apple is on the verge of unveiling what analysts have stated, as the most important devices in the brand’s history. We are of course talking about the much anticipated iPhone 6, and you are probably already looking for places that you can either watch the conference live or keep up-to-date with commentary.

You’re in luck, because like we do every year, we have a list of places and times so you can tune in and see how things go down.

Firstly, the event will take place on Tuesday 9, at 10am. The venue is now set for the Flint Center in Cupertino which has a bigger seating capacity for the conference with over 2,400 seats available.

Rundown of Times

10am Pacific Time (Those on the West coast of the USA such as Washington, California, parts of Oregon, Nevada, and Idaho)

12pm Central Time (Those that live in the central part of the USA and Canada such as Alabama, Florida and Kansas)

1pm Eastern Time (Those on the East coast of the USA such as Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont)

6pm Greenwich Meridian Time

7pm Paris

9pm Moscow

1am on September 10, in Hong Kong

2am on September 10, in Tokyo

3am on September 10, in Sydney

At the moment a lot of the links aren’t live, but we will update these over the course of the next few days. This is a list of sites that we expect will run streams and commentary, taken from previous iPhone unveiling events.

Live Visual Stream

Apple Live – Apple are providing a stream over on the Apple site, but if you can’t get to it for any reason – or would rather watch a running commentary take a look at the options below.

UStream – As usual these guys have a countdown page on their homepage, and are set to stream the coverage

Live Blog Commentary

The Mirror Online



Pocket Lint

Christian Today



Tech Crunch

Phone Arena

Apple Insider



My Fox Pheonix





The Verge

PC Advisor

Ars Technica

If you have any other sources leave us a comment, we will check it out and update the post for others.

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