Burglar Who Used Cell Phone Jailed

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A burglar who used the cell phone belonging to his victim has been sent to prison in the United States.  20 year old Crucito Serrano of DC broke into a flat on the 25th of September last year at around a quarter to nine in the evening and, together with an accomplice, stole various items, including the old cell phone belonging to the home owner.  The homeowner was in the flat at the time, but remained upstairs and chose not to confront the intruders, merely calling the police after they had gone.  Upon realizing that his cell phone had been stolen, the homeowner then called his number.  Rather foolishly, Serrano answered and, even more foolishly as it turned out, was actually known to the homeowner, who recognized his voice immediately.

Detectives confronted Serrano, who admitted the crime and returned the old cell phone.  He later pleaded guilty in court and has been sentenced to two and a half years in prison, although the identity of his accomplice remains unknown and thus no one else has been charged for the burglary.  This is not the first time Serrano has been convicted of burglary, his last conviction being two years ago in 2009, and as a result of the new case, he could now face revocation of his probation and thus an extended prison term for that crime as well.