Burglar Leaves Used Cell Phone Behind

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A burglar in Murrieta in the United States has been caught after accidentally leaving his used cell phone behind at the scene of the crime.  A homeowner at the 26000 block of Talbot Street returned home on the 24th of last month when he opened his garage door and was startled to see a young man running away.  Having called the police, Murrieta Police Detective Jeff Ullrich and another officer arrived on the scene and searched for the suspect on the homeowner’s description, but to no avail.

Entering the home, the offices found it had been ransacked.  A Nintendo DSI handheld game system, nine millimeter pistol, Wii game system, and Sony camera had been stolen, while inside the home were several backpacks that had also been filled with the homeowner’s property.

Ironically, just inside the garage door out of which the suspect had escaped lay a used cell phone which did not belong to the home owner.  Examination of the cell phone revealed that it belonged to a resident of Temecula, who cannot be identified due to his age.  The homeowner was then able to identify the suspect from a photo lineup and after an anonymous telephone tipoff; police arrested him at the McDonalds outlet on Winchester Road.

The burglar also left a bullet hole in the homeowner’s wall after handling the pistol and failing to realize that the safety was off.