#BendGate to #HairGate – iPhone 6 is Pulling Out People’s Hair

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At first I thought that this trending Twitter hashtag was some sort of joke, but oh no, people are actually reporting that the iPhone 6 is pulling on their facial hair when making calls. Apple have also stated that a number of people have contacted them in regards to this issue.

The hashtag we are referring to is #HairGate and its not just people facial hair that is getting pulled, the hair on top of their head is also joining in on the tug of war. Another story that just adds to Apple’s bad press as of late, as many have taken to twitter to express their concern.

Take a look at these tweets:

Whats Going On?

The issue comes with the design of the phone (again), and more specifically the gap between the glass and aluminium body. The microscopic seam is catching facial hair and then ripping it out as people move the phone away from their ear after finishing a call.

The simple answer is to wax your head and shave your face…

Have you noticed these issues?