Approval of NFC Technology by Orange

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With Orange releasing NFC implemented SIM cards, NFC or Near Field Communication will be one step closer to next year for the people. The company expresses its desire to work in collaboration with a number of smartphone manufacturers to ensure this new technology flourishes well.

Towards the end of the coming year, Orange has targeted to host 500,000 smartphones with new SIM cards. NFC-enabled cards are announced to be issued soon in the second half of 2011.

Following this news, Google also made its announcement of launching their new and latest handset called the Nexus S. It also uses NFC-enabled cards.

Recently, Apple began the promotion of their new technology and trials were made in hotels in the earlier months of this year. This new technology was tested against security issues and was also checked to see whether it was capable of replacing the present booking system.

It is not at all surprising that Orange will conduct a great promotion of its technology since it has deeply involved in trialling the NFC technology throughout Europe.

One such company that undergone a trial of NFC technology is Barclays Bank. It tested it without any financial transactions.

In France, in Nice the project was executed on a large scale. As a matter of fact, it is declared that France is the first country to enjoy the benefit of further development that includes the rolling out of an Orange SIM card and the Player One Cityzi NFC smartphone, a new kind of Samsung device.

The new technology of Near Field Communication has the ability to substitute lots of things we take for granted, like debit and credit cards.