Apple Apps from Google Android Market

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So, while we tend to direct Apple people to iTunes and Android people to the Android Market, there are a few applications at the Market that Apple people – and anti-Apple people – might be interested in.  Here’s a list:
•    iPhone top 100.  Offering an up-to-date catalog of what’s topping the charts for iPhone.

•    Mac Shortcuts.  In this application you will find keyboard shortcuts for all things Mac – Macbook Pro, iMac, etc.

•    Apple iPhone Theme.  Have an Android you wish looked more like an iPhone? This application gives you Apple styled menus, widgets, icons and wallpaper.

•    iPhone Keyboard Emulator.  Enjoy the best of both worlds; the amazing features of Android combined with the familiar iPhone keyboard layout.
•    Splashtop Remote Desktop.  A remote desktop app that allows your Android phone to access your desktop music and video.

•    Droid Apple Background.  Okay, so this isn’t really an Apple app but more an anti-Apple app.  The background shows the Droid eating an apple.

•    iPhone SMS Import.  This app lets you import your text messages from your iPhone.

•    Remote for iTunes.  This is what it says on the package.  You can control your iTunes using Wi-Fi and play your tunes on your computer.

•     iPad Killer.  A basic game that lets you use iPads for target practice.
Some of these apps are for people who wish they had an iPhone; some are for people who are used to an iPhone; and some are for people who want to poke fun at iPhone users.  Which ones do you prefer?