Answer Cell Phone without a Touch

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Fancy answering your cell phone without actually having to touch it?  A new development may make it possible to do just that, potentially cutting down accidents when people answer their cell phones while driving in the process.  A new application, known as ‘iZi’ will allow people to answer their cell phone just by waving their hand over it and not having to look for or fiddle around with any of those pesky buttons.

“You can do all types of applications and you don’t need to touch the device,” says the CEO of Extreme Reality, the company behind the application, Dor Givon.  “Navigate and control your device using a set of gestures.”

The new technology was unveiled at the Game Developers Conference, which was recently held in San Francisco in the United States.  Originally, it was intended as way of allowing gamers to play their favorite motion capture games on a laptop computer.  This would be in a similar fashion to the technology employed by the Nintendo Wii.  Developers soon realized it could have other applications too, such as assisting in making driving safer for those who still insist on using their cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.

“We were approached by mobile vendors from tablets to cell phones because there is a need in special cases like the car where it’s very dangerous to answer the phone… if you need to look at the phone or even to navigate your GPS,” Givon notes.

iZi is set to become available sometime in the next couple of months.