Android Mobile Trade-In’s Increase by a Quarter

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In March Samsung launched their new flagship phones, the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge which became available for the public to buy in April. The Galaxy S6 Edge in particular has sold nearly the same number of devices (10 million) as the S6, proving that this device seems to be the more popular choice despite its high price tag. (source:

With every new phone that makes its way onto the market, there is always an old phone ready to sell, and during the past few months we have seen a large increase in the amount of Android based phones coming through the website.

Android Mobile Trade-In’s Increase by a Quarter

Overall, has seen a 23% increase in Android trade-ins since February with the Galaxy range of devices taking up a substantial portion (15%) of the increase with their Galaxy S5 and S4 Smartphones. Other notable Androids that take up 8% include the HTC One M8, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3, and we predict that figure is still set to climb.

The peak of trade-ins came a few weeks before the Galaxy S6 launch around the 27th March, where coincidentally the value of Galaxy S5’s were also selling for prices reaching $250.

So does this mean that Android owners are upgrading to the newly launched S6 devices, or does it mean people are preparing themselves for the new iPhone launch in September?

The SellCell Team wanted answers to these questions, so we started to do some data digging.

Trade-In Stats for the Galaxy S5

Trade-In Stats for the Galaxy S5

If we look at our trade in figures in 2015 compared to the same period last year, in 2015 there is a noticeable difference in the trade in figures for Android based phones. A 7% uplift in trade-ins were spotted in the run up to, and after the Galaxy S5 was launched.

It certainly seems that Galaxy S4 owners were ready to part ways with their phones in order to upgrade and the final sales figures released by Samsung backs up these stats:

According to Samsung the Galaxy S5 had a great start selling 10 million units within the first 25 days but then sales soon deteriorated and it ended up being labelled as a flop by the media.

The initial signs for the new Galaxy devices seem to be that the S6 Edge is on course to become the more popular of the two phones, with people losing interest in the S6 already. (source:

Android Users Looking to Jump Ship to iOS?

Android Users Looking to Jump Ship to iOS?

The other plausible reason for the Android trade in data being so high could be down to the new iPhones being launched in a few months time.

Despite the iPhone launch being a few months down the line Android users could be cashing in on their older models (especially Galaxy S5/Galaxy S4 devices) before they lose any more value, and if they have no interest in any recently launched Android devices.

Our figures show that the Galaxy S5 trade-in prices on now circling around the $200 mark, whilst the 2 year old Galaxy S4 can still be traded in for a reasonable $120. This makes trading the phones in still a very attractive offer to put towards a new device.

While this factor may only make-up a small percentage, it will still account for a portion of the trade ins.


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