Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? Here Is What You Can Do About It

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Smartphones have an enormous impact on our society. Almost 46 percent of all adults in the United States own a smartphone. The iPhone and Android, along with brilliant new developments in mobile technology, have managed to make people become addicted to smartphones. Here are some things to do if you are addicted to your smartphone.

A study by the Harvard Business School found that over 70 percent of people check their smartphones within one hour of waking up in the morning. Over 56 percent of people check their smartphones before they go to bed. There are people who find it difficult to complete a day without their favorite gadget.

Smartphones today act as a hub of information and communication. With nearly a million apps available, most of which are cheap or free, smartphones can be productive as well as addictive. Streaming messages from social media and various other sources of information can make a smartphone the best distractor today. Hence, if you are addicted to your smartphone, your work productivity can become seriously hampered.

Identify Why You Need to Check Your Smartphone so Often

The first thing you need to do to check your smartphone addiction is to analyze why you use it often. A smartphone has its specific uses, such as communication, navigation, browsing, and social media interaction. Many people, on the other hand, use their smartphones when they are lonely or bored. A smartphone should not be used as a boredom buster. Social media apps are one of the most prominent reasons why many people keep checking their smartphones. Getting updates from your friends is a good thing, but you should not continuously monitor for updates.

Many people are so addicted to their gadgets that they text, check messages, or surf the web even while driving. The slick interface, beautiful display, graphics, and fluent usability are some of the attractive features that make people use smartphones so frequently. If you are also an addict, the first thing to do is identify the reasons why you use your device.

Use a Monitoring App

If you are a smartphone addict, you may need to install an app such as Menthal Balance on your device. This app helps you identify why you use your device so frequently. It tracks which apps you use the most, the period of time you spend on your phone, and helps you identify how these things affect your daily life. The reports generated by Menthal Balance can give you a surprisingly detailed idea of your addiction.


Make a Commitment to Yourself

Smartphone addiction is a global issue. Nearly six percent of smartphone users worldwide may be termed as addicts according to industry experts. The first step to rectifying your issue is to accept the fact that you are addicted to your smartphone. Then, make a personal commitment to reduce the use of your device.

* If you check messages very often, fix specific times in your day when you will check your messages. Stick to this timetable.

* Try to reduce the number of messages you send. Engage in more face-to-face conversations.

* Whenever you feel bored or identify an urge to use your smartphone without any apparent reason, do a refreshing activity like going out or playing with your pet.

* When you are not working, refrain from checking your work email. In the same way, at work, refrain from checking your personal email and messages.

You have to come up with a plan to use your device, allowing maximum time for productive work. Identify all unnecessary uses of your smartphone and stop them. Only with a proper commitment can you achieve good results.


Smartphone addiction, obviously, is quite different from addiction to drugs; you have complete control over it. If you create a judicious smartphone usage plan, you can easily curb your addiction.