5 Must-Have Car Safety Apps For Every Car Owner

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Whether you are a driver, a passenger, or a commuter travelling in a car, it always helps if you have a few handy emergency apps downloaded on your smartphone. In case you meet with a roadside accident, get lost or lose directions to your destination, need roadside assistance, or even if you need to record accident details, there’s an app that can help you in literally every emergency situation. Following are five such car safety apps that no car-owner should miss out on.


Some of the newest cars these days are equipped with incredible safety features such as lane departure warning, distance based cruise control, and more. Fancy getting these impressive features for your existing old car? Yes, you needn’t buy a new car altogether to enjoy these features – simply download iOnRoad onto your smartphone and that’s it! iOnRoad is a brilliant app that uses your smart phone’s camera and inbuilt GPS satellite receiver in order to alert the driver towards safety issues. It uses the camera, GPS, and other sensors to determine the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you, to give you an accurate indication of the reaction time that you will have in case the vehicle in front stops abruptly. This will alert you if you’re travelling too close to a car, and even warn you when your car drifts too far out of its lane. Overall, this is a great app for older cars lacking advanced collision and safety warning systems.

Google Maps

Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Lost your way and there’s noone around to ask for directions? Why make yourself so vulnerable to getting lost or losing your way when you can have Google Maps on your smartphone? Available to download free on your iPhone and Android devices, Google Maps is a fantastic map and navigation app that makes finding destinations simpler than never before.

Whether you’re trying to locate a hotel, a fast food joint, a petrol station, or simply looking for the easiest route to get to your destination, Google Maps is a handy app that won’t let you down. Moreover, the app is also packed with a list of other useful features such as live traffic updates, public transport information, voice-guided navigation, cycling and walking routes, and much more. Download this fantastic free app on your smartphone and be assured of never getting lost again.


In case of an unfortunate event of meeting with a road accident, iWrecked is one app that proves to be exceedingly useful. The app allows the user to gather all the essential information regarding the accident, which might later prove to be useful for the police or the insurance company. You can use the app to collect all the possible data following the accident, including accident location, date, time, weather conditions, accident details, other driver’s details, photos of both vehicles, and so on. What’s more, the app even allows you to fill out accident reports and helps you find the nearest car towing location, as well as ambulance, police, and other such emergency support services.


Want to avoid a speeding ticket? Want to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams or running into road blocks due to roadside accidents? Trapster is a nifty crowd-sourced community app with community member or other app users alerting drivers regarding location of red lights, speed enforcement cameras, approaching speed traps, traffic jams, road accidents, and other such road hazards. Apart from this, the app is also packed with other superb features such as in-built audio-visual alerts that keep users updated on road hazards as and when they get reported. Overall, with a well-designed interface and fantastic features, Trapster is the perfect app to transform your driving experience. Moreover, this is the best you can get as a community!


Have you landed yourself in an emergency roadside breakdown? Looking for the ideal app to help you deal with car emergencies on the road? If yes, RepairPal is the app you’re looking for. RepairPal is a noteworthy app that gives you immediate roadside assistance via a toll free number. The app also gives you repair estimates of the cost of damages to your car, both for fixing problems as well as routine maintenance. The app will even locate you a good and reliable mechanic close to your area. Moreover, it also keeps a track on your cars repair history, so that you know exactly what repairs you’ve got done recently, what parts you’ve replaces, how much money you’ve paid for them, and so on – neat! To sum it up, RepairPal is definitely a must-have app for all car owners out there.

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