5 Helpful IOS Apps For Parents On The Go

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Did you ever imagine that a little gadget as big as the size of your palm could actually come in handy in bringing up your toddler? Well, that’s the beauty of technology, smartphones, and the dizzy world of mobile apps. For all you parents out there, following is a list of five iOS apps that could help you become more systematic, organized, well-informed, and stress-free, and could also help you save time.


WebMD is an exceptional app that provides you with 24/7 access to mobile-optimized health information for your child and for your family. The app also includes a symptom checker, a drugs and treatment guide, as well as first aid topics and local health listings. The Symptom Checkers shows you an illustration of the human body and lets you select the body part that is troubling you. You can then enter your symptoms and learn about potential causes. This is a great app to diagnose minor ailments and to determine whether you need to go see a doctor.

SitOrSquat: Bathroom Finder

Kids happen to be the most indecisive lot when it comes to using the bathroom. Ask them one minute if they need to use the bathroom and they nod off saying “no”, and the next minute when you’re far away from any accessible bathroom, they’ll want to use it, desperately. This is one of the most common dilemmas faced by majority parents today, and that’s why you might want to have SitOrSquat at your rescue. This tidy app helps your search for public bathrooms closest to your location. The app comes in extremely handy when you’re out and about in an unfamiliar location with your kids, helping you cater to their sudden and random nature calls.

KidStatz Lite

KidStatz LITE is an incredibly useful app that allows you to feed in basic information about your child such as physical characteristics, vital statistics, appearance, medical history, a photo and so on, in a convenient folder, available for you to access or share anytime, anywhere. This will have you equipped with a detailed record of your child at all times – ideal if an unfortunate event were to occur in which your child goes missing. The app also lets you email this information directly from the app and it will also come in particularly handy if you were to register a police report.


AroundMe is a one-stop search destination for any and every business around your area or vicinity. Whether you’re looking for hospitals, supermarkets, cinema halls, parking lots, gas stations, hotels, coffee shops, or even banks, this intelligent app will direct you to the nearest businesses from your location. You can even choose to see the location on a map and view the route from where you are located. Furthermore, you can also add the information to your contact list or you could even send the information to a friend – perfect. Overall, this is an ideal app for parents on the go, looking to get their way around in an unfamiliar location.

Baby Pack and Go

Are you always on the go travelling with your little one? Let’s face it, packing can be a real pain. This is especially true when you’re packing your toddler’s bag or looking for personalized baby gifts, since there are so many minute things that you need to remember to pack! Nevertheless, worry not – Baby Pack & Go is here to put you out of all your baby packing miseries. This nifty app contains a ready-made packing list of all possible packing items for your toddler which you wouldn’t want to forget packing. You can also customize the list by adding your own items – what more could you ask for? With this handy app at your rescue, there will be no more guess work or memory work required – just open the app and starting ticking away the checklist as you pack!