5 Apps To Make Commercial Real Estate Searching Easy

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With over 25 billion downloads on Apple’s App Store, you have to be thinking if some of those can cater to commercial real estate. While there are a handful, it can be hard finding them. To make your job easier, here are five great apps you should download if you’re in the market to purchase or lease a commercial property soon:

#1 LoopNet Commercial Real Estate Search


This app enables you to search in your current location or specify a city and state. When the listings pull up, you will be able to review rental terms, the pricing of the building, similar comps and the contact information. LoopNet places all the available properties through Google Maps, giving you the opportunity to scroll to the exact area you’re looking to purchase or rent in.

#2 RCA Commercial Real Estate Transactions Search


RCA, also known as Real Capital Analytics, is the first global commercial property search app. Unlike most apps that limit you to the United States, their search feature allows you to browse through tens of thousands of properties worldwide. Like LoopNet, you will be able to browse pricing, comps, contact information and more.

#3 Sitewise


Chances are if you’re looking into a commercial property, you’re going to want to know the local demographics. This is where an app like Sitewise comes in. Sitewise will provide free data, such as the average age, population and spending patterns within a certain radius. The free version provides basic information, but if you want to upgrade, they do have a premium option, which retails for $9.99, with more features available.

#4 TheAnalyst


There’s going to come a time when you find a property that you like, but when you crunch the numbers in your head, they may not make sense. To ease these concerns, TheAnalyst is a detailed app that includes a lease vs. own calculator and a handful of other financial tools that will come in handy along the way. If you want detailed numbers, charts and assurance that you’re making the right choice, TheAnalyst can do the job.

#5 Evernote


If you’re going to set out and look at a handful of properties, it’s going to be hard to remember the details of all of them. To make note taking easy, this is where Evernote will come into play. Evernote lets you take pictures, notes and voice memos. When you’re done with your notes, you can sync it to other devices, such as your laptop, tablet and smartphone. To save you the trouble of lugging around piles of papers that may eventually get lost, it’s time to become environmentally friendly and take notes in the palm of your hand.

Searching for commercial properties today is so much easier than it was 30 years ago. Before you even set out on your next search, highly consider downloading these apps. By doing so, your search will be a lot easier when it comes time to signing the official documents at closing.

This post has been authored by Travis, a freelance blogger who often shares his insight on the real estate industry online. He writes for Commercial Space Toronto, a company dealing in commercial real estate in Toronto. He is an outdoor person and he enjoys going trekking and camping in his free time.