5 Animated GIFs Of How Phones Can Get You In Trouble

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phone trouble

You are about to see 5 unbelievable animated GIFs of how using a cellphone can get you into hot water, some of these are absolutely crazy! As you will see with our first example.

Driving With Your Elbows

There is a certain skill to being able to talk on a cellphone whilst using your other hand to text on another cellphone. However, it takes real skill to do what this guy is doing, and it’s even more worrying that he appears to be behind the wheel of a rather large vehicle!

two phones

Hold Onto Your Phone!!

Picture the scene: Your partner has just gone through a life changing experience, one that brings out every emotion. They feel love, large amounts of pain and happiness to see their new born baby. Enter Dad, who whips out his phone to take a photo and drops his phone on junior…

baby drop

The Judges Score 9 For Technique

You wouldn’t believe how many people I have seen walk into things when looking at their phone. I have never seen anyone fall into a fountain though, let’s just hope he is using a Sony Xperia Z…

falling over

I Said, Hold Onto Your Phone!!

This person must have felt like he had his heart ripped out when in the blink of an eye his phone is launched into the air, never to be seen again. It goes to show that if a Mexican Wave is going around a stadium, or any form of crowd participation that involves swinging arms is going on, not to hold your phone in the air.

flying phone

No Photos Today, Thanks!

We all enjoy a trip to a zoo now and again, and there are plenty of animals to take photos of to upload to instagram or Facebook. Some animal however, like us humans, just don’t want to be snapped. Maybe this elephant wasn’t looking her best…