5 Android Apps to Make GIF Creation Easy

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Now that Twitter has launched GIF-viewing capabilities in their web application, you might be looking for GIF creation tools. While GIFs have been viewable via Twitter’s mobile interfaces for some time, this updated change to their web interface is likely to send brand marketers scurrying to develop audience engagement opportunities. If you’re one of those marketers, check out the following list of Android apps that can help you create imaginative GIFs of your own.

GIF Camera

Available via listen5, the GIF Camera application lets you create your own animated scenes with your Android device. You can take fresh pictures to use in your animations or you can choose from existing images on your device. All creations are sharable to multiple social media networks including Twitter and Facebook.

High-Speed Camera

Offered by Hantor, the High-Speed Camera app is another terrific option for creating animations for Twitter. You can use a variety of shutter speeds and add multiple image effects to your visual creations too.

Video to GIF

Developed by Keerby, the Video to GIF mobile app lets you take snippets from existing videos and convert those snippets into sharable GIFs. Some reviewers have noted occasional blurriness with new creations, so be sure to review your new graphics prior to posting to social media.

GIF Camera

DroidKitchen’s GIF Camera application is another highly-rated tool available via the Google Play store. You can create animations from new photos or use existing images. There are numerous cool filters available including gravity locking, reverse sequencing, and bounce animations. If you only download one GIF-creation app, this one might be your top contender.


Although not developed specifically for creating GIFs, the Cameringo app is a handy tool to consider. This photography programs lets you create beautiful shots which can then be turned into animated images. With numerous photo filters, you could end up with really imaginative animations to share.

These are just five of your options if you are looking for Android GIF-creation apps. Seeing how creative you can get with your marketing animations is half the fun of Twitter’s new foray into interactive content. Do you think you will be adding GIF-creation to your list of social media marketing duties?