5 Amazing Car Apps You Must Have On Your Phone

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What is the one thing you need before you jump into your car in the morning? If you said your keys I suppose you would be right, but it’s not what I’m talking about. You need to grab your smartphone and if you don’t know why, you will soon. We’re going to look at some amazing car apps you must have because they will make your life so much easier.

Find Cheap Gas

Gas prices never stop rising and you always seem to be losing out each time you fill up. If you’re sick and tired of giving your hard-earned wages away there is something you can do about it. The Gas Buddy app lets you find out where the cheapest place in town is to fill your tank because the community of users report gas prices throughout the day. You can then work out whether it’s cheaper to go somewhere else for gas, or if you should just fill up where you are.

Don’t get caught speeding

Most people don’t drive under the speed limit all the time. It means they could get caught speeding and they might eventually lose their license. Most states have banned radar detectors so you don’t want to get caught with one of those, so that is why Trapster is the perfect app. It has its own community and people report in whenever they see a speed camera or police car. You get the details sent straight to your phone, so you will know when you’re getting close to a hot spot.

Never lose your car again

I’m sure everyone has lost their car at one point in time. Maybe you spent too long it a dark movie theatre and when you came outside the bright lights rendered you useless. You then had to go in search of your car, but you won’t have to do that anymore. The Find My Car app will use GPS to help you find your way back to your car no matter where you are. To make life easier on you it will even give you a detailed map showing you the exact way to go.

Throw out your CD player

Do you remember when you bought your first CD player for your car? You must have felt like a million bucks, but even though they were huge only a few years ago they are now practically useless. You can just listen to music through your smartphone, plus if you use the Spotify app you won’t even need to waste the memory on your phone. For $10 dollars per month you basically have access to any song ever released, which will blow your mind.

Prepare yourself for an accident

If you’ve even been in an accident you will know how much it sucks. Hopefully you don’t end up in a serious accident, but even a little bump is enough to put a big dampener on your week. The iWrecked app will help prepare you for when the worst happens, so it’s very handy to have on your phone.

Lets say you have a collision in Mississauga, it will give you a clear set of instructions to follow so you don’t forget to do anything that could help you later on. While your pride and joy is being fixed you can always look for a limo service in Mississauga until your car is back on the road.

I’m sure there is more

Do you have any great car apps you’d like to share with us? Apps are becoming more popular than ever because everyone has a smartphone. They can help you with anything, so you should definitely take advantage of them. There will be more great ones out there, but the ones we’ve discussed today will help you out a lot and you will think they’re great.