4 Free Fitness Apps For Windows Phone Users

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Fancy getting rid of that extra body fat? Is your unhealthy lifestyle making you miserable? Looking to get your body and fitness back in shape? With busy schedules and our hectic daily lives, it might not be possible to follow a devoted fitness regime or hire a special fitness trainer. However, thanks to the astonishing range of mobile phone apps available on fitness, you can now have a personal trainer, a gym companion, a fitness coach, a dietician, and a physiotherapist, all inside your pocket. Here are four such free fitness apps for Windows phone users.


No matter what kind of workout or fitness regime you follow, Runtastic is one versatile fitness app as good as having your own personal fitness trainer right inside your pocket. Whether you’re into running, hiking, walking, biking, cycling, or even if you’re into indoor workout exercises such as cardio, yoga, treadmill, and so on, Runtastic can help you bring the best out of your workout and training. The app uses your phone’s GPS to efficiently measure a number of parameters of your training such as time, distance, calories burnt, elevation, speed, and other such essential statistics. The app also allows its users to manually enter workouts such as treadmill, weightlifting, and so on. Overall, Runtastic is a great app to keep a track on your fitness activities and to monitor your progress and performance.

6 Week Training

Looking to shed off some of that extra fat? Want to have a toned body with some extra sexy muscles? Well then wait no more and download this promising app straight away! 6 Week Training is an app that determines your current fitness level and then selects an appropriate workout regime for you to take up and keep a track on. Focusing on pushups, situps, squats, dips, and pull-ups as exercises, the app helps you set up an attainable workout goal. Every 2 weeks the app takes an Exhaustion Test which determines which level of training program you’ll be taking up the coming week. Users can even monitor their progress with the help of logs and charts. All in all, this is a perfect app if you’re looking to tone up your body and get in shape for the summer!

Gym PocketGuide

If you’re looking to hit the gym to get in shape, this comprehensive app has anything and everything that you will need as far as your training at the gym goes and crossfit equipments. Packed with more than 90 gym exercises, stretches, high quality images, videos, step-by-step guides, guidelines, advice, and much more, this fantastic app can prove to be your favorite companion at the gym. Whether you need advice on fat reduction, tips on building up bulk muscles, or even instructions on using gym equipments, you can get an answer to almost any and every gym query using this intelligent and informative app.

Caledos Runner

If you’re someone who likes sweating it out with a running workout regime, Caledos Runner is one app that definitely deserves your attention. The best feature about the app is its easy, bold, and highly interactive user interface which makes its smooth to track and monitor your performance while running. With the help of this app, you can get detailed stats of your speed, distance, time, calories burnt, as well as your pace. Interestingly, you can even use the app for tracking other outdoor activities such as walking, biking, hiking, and skiing – how cool is that!