3 Easy Ways To Avoid Cell Phone Radiation

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Did you know there’s more than 6,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION!) cell phone users globally?

That’s a big number, isn’t it?

Sure it is, yet amazingly, there’s been no conclusive evidence that cell phone technology is totally safe. The biggest question revolves around the radiation emitted by the devices. Pretty much all that radiation goes right into your head too because that’s where your cell phone is when it’s being used.


Based on Aires Tech’s “Is Cell Phone Radiation Dangerous” publication: Estimates are that 20% to 60% of the radiation emitted by a cell phone winds up in your head (as in “it’s all in your head!”).

Although groups among the ‘for’ and ‘against’ side of the cell phone radiation issue are still arguing about whether cell phones pose a real radiation and brain cancer danger, lots of people are paying attention to the continuing debate. Both groups agree that cell phones effect brain activity. And why shouldn’t they? Brains are very sensitive devices themselves and certainly aren’t totally understood by scientists either. There are steps you can take if you believe, as many people do, that ‘better safe than sorry’. There are companies which make products which can shield you from the radiation emitted by your cell phone. One such company is Aires Shield in Canada…… with their Aires Defender, a radiation neutralizing microprocessor embedded in an adhesive film that is applied to your cell phone, cell phone radiation is effectively neutralized and dissipated to safe levels. Other precautionary measures you can take to protect yourself from possibly harmful cell phone radiation include:

Only Use Cell Phones With Low Radiation Levels

Did you know that cell phones have ratings as to how much radiation they emit?

They do. It’s called the SAR (Specific Absorbtion Rate) and it refers to the quantity of radiation the device emits which will presumably be absorbed by your body (i.e. brain). Anything 1.6 or below is considered relatively safe. In the US, in order to receive FCC (Federal Communications Commision) certification, it must have a SAR factor of less than 1.6. You can find a list of compliant cell phone manufacturers on their site and also around the internet.

Don’t Hold The Cell Phone Near Your Body When In Use

That’s right. Use the speaker on the device whenever possible. Those few centimeters extra distance actually dramatically reduce radiation exposure and increase your safety factor.

Only Use Your Cell Phone When The Signal Is Strong

Cell phones emit less radiation when they don’t have to work as hard. Thus you’re exposed to less radiation when you have a strong signal to call with. These three tips are easy to do and they won’t interfere with the enjoyment of your device. Give them a try! But there is a fouth option! A company in Canada called Aires Shield makes a product called Aires Defender. This product, in the form of a multi-layered film which encases a high-tech microprocessor, effectively neutralizes and dissipates these potentially harmful electromagnetic waves and makes the cell phone safe again. It’s available online.