3 Best iPhone Apps For Your Abs

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It is no secret that the key to a beautiful body lies in the midsection area. In order to get a tight and toned body then you need to invest your time in exercise. This can be hard especially when you do not know which exercises are appropriate. However, technology has changed all of this through the creation of the iPhone.

 The iPhone is no longer just a tool for simple communication; it is designed to perform so much more than this! You can be able to download and install programs in your iPhone that can improve the functionality of your phone. The purpose of this article is to highlight the three best abs workouts apps that you can install in your iPhone. Try them and see what change occurs in your body.

Daily Ab Workout

This is an app that can be downloaded for free. It features an intense daily ab routine of between 5 to 10 minutes. The app is appropriate for both genders, for people who want to either maintain or build on their abs. The app features 10 of the best ab-sculpting exercises that are demonstrated through videos by a certified body trainer. The videos are detailed so as to ensure you are doing the right thing. These exercises target the major abdominal muscles and if carried out every day they can strengthen and tone your abs.

You can also buy the full version that features

point Two more routines that are ideal for carrying your workout

point A landscape mode and its ad-free

point Can randomize features for various workouts.


This is a motivational app that allows you to battle, train and track your crunch workouts. You are able to get feedback on your performance in terms of your form and speed. This app can be able to help you build a strong core and achieve flat, well-toned abs. According to many customers they find the crunches to be much better than normal sit-ups. To be more specific CrunchFu has the following.

point Helps you get feedback on the crunches you are doing.

point Track your motions when you hold onto your chest.

point Offer training on 200 crunches.

point Compete with other trainers all over the world on the basis of your points.

How to build six pack abs

In order to be successful then we need to learn through other people’s mistakes and achievements. This app will provide you free advice from approximately 250 different fitness writers. It does this by using a format that is very similar to the WikiHow sites. The app combines various tricks and tips that if followed can help you get flat and toned abs. In addition to all this the app also contains warnings and advice on activities to avoid in order to ensure maximum positive results.

Some advice

point It is always recommended that you consult your physician before you adopt any exercise plan.

point If you adopt any exercise plan ensure that you are consistent in the workout.