Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launch should cue cell recycling

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There is no better time to get serious about cell phone recycling than when an exciting new cell phone comes on the market.  All too often, people who buy an exciting new phone place their old handset in a drawer, ‘just in case’.   They believe that they might at some point need to use the phone again, but the truth is that this rarely happens.  Instead, the phone usually falls to the bottom of the drawer and ends up forgotten until years later when they happen to clean house, perhaps because they are moving to a new residence.

At that point, the most common scenario is for the phone to be thrown in the trash since it is so very far out of date.  Some people try to recycle old cell phones at this point.  This is laudable from an environmental standpoint, but it is distressingly inefficient from an economic point of view.  Phones lose their value as they become increasingly obsolete.  A phone that could have been recycled for significant cash when it was first replaced may indeed be worth almost nothing at all years later when it is found at the bottom of a drawer.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 due to be released in the United States within about a week, anyone interested in the new phone should start looking for an online cell phone recycling company today.