Android 3.0 Coming – Honeycomb confirmed as new version

For the last few months, we have been speculating as to whether the version of Android OS that is coming –called Honeycomb – would be an adjusted adaptation of the OS or an absolutely new one. We finally have got the answer to our speculation. Through a press conference by Asus, they have verified that the latest tablet-friendly Android will launch as 3.0 instead of version 2.4 – an indication that the OS is to be absolutely newly written.

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Good News for BlackBerry Lovers: Give Your Phone an Upgrade in January

The end of January will see the most recent BlackBerry from RIM probably getting upgraded to the OS6 operating system.

The recent BlackBerry OS version arrives with a whole bunch of new features and enhancements along with a powerful WebKit-powered browser. This seems to consist of unified built-in software for social networking, universal search, tabbed browsing, superior camera facilities and album art for music tracks.

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