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LG Optimus 2X on it’s way

If you are planning to buy a new handset for yourself, but you don’t know what to purchase or lease, then you will be probably fascinated to know that LG is launching the Optimus 2X near the beginning of the coming year. As a matter of fact, the anticipated launch date is fixed sometime in January.

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What is the value of My Cell? Well, it could be equivalent to one’s life.

Many people of in Africa can only dream of the internet but cannot reach it. The systems there are of very low grade and give feeble, sluggish connections that are much too costly to be afforded by a person who earns a medium pay. However, cell-based web can be accessed more easily. That’s why Tanzanians take the help of their cell phone instead of their personal computer if they have to surf online or transmit money by electronic means.

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Five Contributions of iPhone

While going through the site of PC World I found an article titled “Top 5 Things the iPhone Has Given the World.” I am a non-fan/fan of iPhone and Apple found it interesting and thought to give it a read. The top 5 contributions of the iPhone to this world (mentioned in PC World) are as follows:

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Channel Tunnel will now get Mobile Coverage

From the 2012 Olympics, tunnel will receive mobile coverage – announced network operators of the English Channel. To make this happen, all four networks of the UK are working in collaboration, together with French businesses. The cost of the venture (around £150 million) is also being shared amongst the three businesses.