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Ottawa Cell Phone Recycling on the Increase

The recycling of old cell phones and other electrical equipment is on the rise in the city of Ottawa in the Canadian province of Ontario, much to the delight of officials. During the Ontario Electronic Stewardship’s mobile e-drive, which was held during last fall, the city of Ottawa collected more used cell phones and other electrical waste products than any other municipality in Ontario.

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EcoATM, the company that runs kiosks which allow consumers to dump their old cell phones and other electronics in order for them to be recycled, is expanding its operations. The company has just received almost fourteen and a half million dollars from Coinstar and Claremont Creek Ventures via a Series A funding round for start up companies and intends to start setting up its kiosks in gas stations and supermarkets. The kiosks use artificial intelligence, electronics diagnostics and machine vision to identify the old cell phone or other electrical item being offered for recycle, wipe any personal information they may still contain and then offer the recycler compensation in the form of either cash, a coupon, a gift card or a donation to a charity.

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Cell Phone Trade Kills Teen

A teenager trying to buy an old cell phone via internet website craigslist has been murdered by the man supposedly selling the phone. In a shocking incident in Hazel Park in Detroit in the US, nineteen year old Johnathan Clements placed an ad on the internet site indicating that he was looking to buy an old cell phone. A man responded, indicating he was willing to sell the used cell phone for ninety five dollars, and the two arranged to meet at Clements’ house – only for the man to produce a gun and shoot Clements, stealing the ninety five dollars before fleeing the scene.

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Don’t Facebook and Drive: A Tale of Warning

As a perfect, but terribly sad, illustration of why we at Sell Cell entreat our customers to never interact with your hand held cell phone while driving appeared in the Chicago area news yesterday. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed by a woman who claims that her father was killed last December by a driver who was updating her Facebook page whilst driving. The story and allegation goes as follows:

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Cell phones will be allowed in to the PGA Tour for the first time, it has been announced. Andy Pazder, the chief of operations of the prestigious golf championship, says that five tournaments have recently allowed the use of cell phones as an experiment, and has decided that the time has come now to make it an official policy.

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No More Massive Cell Phone Towers?

The end might be in sight for mammoth cell phone masts causing a blot on the landscape. Those in the cell phone industry are looking into the possibility of creating much smaller antennae, which could be placed outside buildings, on lamp posts, or even carried by hand. As well as cutting out the unsightly blots on the landscape, the small solution could even put an end to slow data speeds and those ‘dead spot’ areas where cell phone transmissions break up.

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Cell Phone Bullies Targeted

Bullies who use cell phones or social media sites to target their victims will be the feeling the pinch themselves if the Georgia House Democrats have anything to do with it. Yesterday the party introduced the second of three legislative packages intended to provide an alternative to those of the GOP. This one, the Educational Opportunities package, includes an Act that allows parents to take leave in order from work in order to attend important school functions or to look after members of their family, an Act to repeal the taxpayer funded credit that is giving fifty million US dollars to private schools even though public schools remain chronically underfunded – and one, known as the End Cyber Bullying Act, which specifically targets those that use social media and cell phones to bully and intimidate their victims.