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Cell Phones Users Urged Not to Call

Cell phone users are being urged to use text messaging but not actually telephone calls on their cell phones when trying to contact those in Christchurch in New Zealand. Christchurch is still recovering from the massive earthquake that has made worldwide headline news and the cell phone network within the city and surrounding areas is still not back up to full strength. Cell phone providers 2degrees, Telecom and Vodafone are still scrambling to repair their systems but ongoing power problems appears to be the main issue, and users are being urged to make as few calls on their cell phones as possible to avoid scrambling the network altogether.

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Cell Phone Recycling Helps Send School Choir to Costa Rica

A performing arts school choir is set to get a one week trip to Costa Rica thanks to a series of fundraising events including a cell phone recycling scheme. The Women’s Choir at Schenectady High School’s John Sayles School of Fine Arts will be teaming up with the St Rose Women’s Chorale for a week long performance tour of Costa Rica. The tour, which will kick off from the sixth of March and carry on until the thirteenth of the month, will include concert performances at the University of Veritas in the capital city of San Jose, as well as at the Catedral Metropolitano and The Catedral de Gracia, where music workshops will also be held for young school children. The tour aims to ease the gap between high school and university while also expanding the students’ understanding of the world at large.

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Underground Cell Phone Plan Unpopular

A plan to bring cell phone coverage to the London Underground has gone down like a lead balloon with city commuters. In a surprising survey conducted by cell phone vendor GoodMobilePhones, only a quarter of London Underground commuters thought the move was a good idea, with the great majority giving the proposition a big thumbs down.

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High School Electronics and Cell Phone Recycling Event

Great Lakes Christian High School in Beamsville in the United States is set to host its second electronic recycling event this coming Saturday. The first such recycling event, which was held in August last year, was a big success and is now set to be repeated on Saturday the twenty sixth of February. Local residents are being encouraged to drop off unwanted electrical goods, including old cell phones, computers, fax machines, keyboards and even televisions at the high school during the duration of the recycling event, which runs from nine o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon.

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Cell Phones Help Revolutions

The revolutions occurring across the Middle East are being pushed along by the advent of modern technological developments such as cell phones and social media websites on the internet. Cell phones have been used to record events on the streets in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt and Libya, which are then uploaded for the internet for other citizens and indeed the rest of the world to witness, with footage of violent government crackdowns on peaceful protesters only further fuelling anger and revolt against the authoritarian regimes.

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More Trouble over Nokia Deal

The controversial decision made by Nokia to switch the operating system for its cell phones to the one made by software giant Microsoft caused shockwaves when it was announced last week and they are not dying down. The Helsingen Sonomat has said that such a move will cost hundreds of employees their jobs, forcing embattled Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop to again come out and defend this decision, this time implying that other roles will be found within the company for those employees who will be affected by the operating system switch.

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Scientists Give Cell Phone Warning

Are cell phones dangerous to your health? That is the claim of a group of influential scientists who claim that wireless cell phones have been linked to cancer, infertility and numerous neurological diseases and that more needs to be done to protect people from the electromagnetic radiation being sent out into the world by cell phones, cell phone towers, power lines and wireless internet.

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Get Cash for your Cell Phone at

American’s are a bit behind on the idea of recycling our cell phones for cash but we are catching up. Considering that I have just read yet another article dealing with the strain, the size of the World’s population is putting on raw resource and space, putting our minds towards recycling is imperative, especially e-waste.