If You Lost Your Cell Phone, Would You Lose All of Your Contact Numbers?

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In an article by Fox News online, journalist Garrett Tenney makes a point.  Most of us are highly dependent on our cell phones when it comes to being able to locate contact numbers.  However, what happens if we lost it?  What if, like in Japan, there was a crisis and our cell phones were swept away?  Would we have an alternative to fall back on?

While no one can reasonably expect anyone to commit every single cell phone contact to memory, memorizing a few of them might not be a bad idea.  I mean, I remember a time when I had a list of phone numbers inside my head.  I can still remember a few of them after all of these years.  However, as I have grown more accustomed to letting my cell phone do the work, I have discovered that I know very few numbers by heart anymore.  That isn’t a good thing.

In a crisis as big as Japan has suffered, there is a good chance that no matter what you do, most of your contact information could be swept away.  However, since most of us will never face that level of distress in our lifetimes, there are a few practical things we can do to keep from losing our numbers if we lose our cell.  This includes uploading our contacts to a computer and keeping a hard copy list in our cars.

Think of practical ways to ensure you will not lose your contacts and memorize a number or two.  It would not hurt and it just might prove useful someday.