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Cell Phones: More Urgent Than Food

When most of us think of our cell phones, we regard them as fun-to-use toys, things that help us arrange our busy social lives, or vital tools for work and business.  Very few of us probably think of cell phones as something literally necessary to our continued survival.  One class of individuals in our society, […]

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Staying Ahead of the E-Curve

Today’s Phone, Tomorrow’s History Photo Credit: LGEPR Did you buy the iPhone 4 a month ago only to find out Apple had plans to release the iPhone 4s a week later? With the constant changing and upgrading of electronics in today’s market, it’s not just difficult to keep up with the most up-to-date products; it’s […]

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Bing Updates for iPad

If you’ve got an iPad and prefer Bing to Google, then this is good news for you: Microsoft is releasing an update that will make copying and pasting from Bing on your iPad even easier, amongst other things.

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Killer Apps: For Every 100 Smartphones, there are Nine Malicious Apps Poised to Strike

Today we use our smartphones for just about everything; downloading apps which allow us to communicate, play, and do business all from one single pocket-sized gadget.  Unfortunately, many of us never stop to think about safety when we are downloading those apps. There’s an app for that! For those using the iPhone, there are 225,000 […]