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Sprint Towards Eco-Friendly Cell Phones

Sprint is already a leader in the area of environmentally friendly products in the wireless industry, and now they are set to expand on that trend with the new Samsung Replenish. The Samsung Replenish is a cell phone with an Android operating system and QWERTY keyboard that is also enabled with Sprint ID.

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Never Hide Cell Phones in Underpants

Note to prospective thieves – never hide a stolen cell phone in your underpants. That’s the embarrassing lesson learned by a would be thief in Rondebosch in South Africa on Tuesday night when he attempted to make off with a cell phone stolen from a restaurant owner, only to expose himself as the culprit in humiliating fashion.

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Cell Phone Tower Fight On Again

The citizens of Monterey Park in the northeast of Calgary in Canada are engaged in a fight to stop a cell phone tower being built in their community – for the second time. Homeowners in the neighborhood are outraged by plans by Shaw Communications to erect a twenty five meter high cell phone tower in the parking lot of a local church.

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Cell Phone Tower Nixed by Health Concerns

Plans to erect a Celus cell phone tower on Hammond Bay Road in Nanaimo in Canada have been nixed by the Directors of the Regional District following a public outcry. The forty-three meter tower was supposed to be put up near the Greater Nanaimo Pollution Control Centre, with the cell phone company offering twenty-four thousand dollars to be allowed to do so. The local community, however, was unimpressed, particularly given that the tower’s proposed location was situated so close to the local Hammond Bay Elementary School.

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Cell Phone Call Suspension Causes Uproar

An American woman suspended from her job because she took a cell phone call from her son – a soldier in Afghanistan – has received an apology from her company. Teresa Danford answered a cell phone call from her son, Lance Corporal Mark Rhyne, who is currently serving in Afghanistan, while at work last Monday, the fourteenth of February, only to find herself being suspended from her job for three days for breaking company “policy”.

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Cell Phone Killers Arrested

Two men have been arrested over the murder of nineteen year old Jonathan Clements, who advertised on craigslist wanting to buy an old cellular phone. Twenty three year old Alexander D Lyons was arrested and arraigned on Friday evening for the crime and was jailed without bond, only for a second man, nineteen year old Lamar DeAngelo Clemons, to be also be arrested and arraigned on Saturday morning, who was held in lieu of a two million bond. Police say that the murder was part of a planned robbery, with neither of having any intention of ever selling Clements a phone.

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Cell Phone Taxes Hit Record Rates

Users of wireless cell phones in the United States of America are being hit with record taxes which account for almost twenty percent of their actual cell phone bill. says that those living in Nebraska, New York and Washington are being particularly slugged in fees and taxes. A report published in the magazine entitled “A Growing Burden: Taxes and Fees On Wireless Services”, was compiled over a period of no less than five years by tax experts from KSE Partners, who spent that time monitoring the local, state and federal taxes being imposed on wireless cell phones customers. In the three year period between 2007 and 2010, those taxes and fees jumped upward by more than three times that of the retails sales rate.

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E-Cycle Law for Used Cell Phones Working

The E-Cycle law, introduced in Wisconsin on the first of September last year, appears to be paying off. The law banned the dumping of clapped out electronic devices such as old televisions, computers, stereos and old cell phones, in landfills, and trash collectors ceased to pick up such items left out by citizens.

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HTC Tweets Froyo Update

This announcement will please a number of HTC customers. But it is only applicable to HTC Wildfire.

A spokesperson from the company said to, “Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) on Wildfire is scheduled to begin rolling out this week in Europe, reaching all areas of the world by February. Thanks for your patience as these updates roll out; we think you’ll enjoy the final product.”

Though this may seem to be good news, analysts believe that this may not work out for British users. As the networks in the UK usually fail to roll out update programmes quickly, there is a chance that this one may also take a while.

Meantime, the rumours of a Windows Phone 7 handset being made by the Finnish manufacturing company Nokia after talks with Microsoft are likely to disappoint Apple. These handsets will now be introduced in the coming year.

It appears that Nokia has taken this grave move after much thought. Many cell phone fraternities are thinking whether Nokia has considered the views of its own customers before taking such a step.

According to others, it is a bizarre move, especially because Nokia trusts that MeeGo will function in a remarkable way to enhance their smartphone business, along with Symbian 3.

People are of the opinion that the selection of Stephen Elop as head of Nokia might have some relation with the negotiations among the two giant companies. Elop previously was a member of the top management in Microsoft.

To conclude, it can be said that the coming year is likely to bear witness to some exciting and interesting event and incidents to come.