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Channel Tunnel will now get Mobile Coverage

From the 2012 Olympics, tunnel will receive mobile coverage – announced network operators of the English Channel. To make this happen, all four networks of the UK are working in collaboration, together with French businesses. The cost of the venture (around £150 million) is also being shared amongst the three businesses.

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Cell Phone E-Waste in the USA

In a report by the Electronics Take Back Coalition, it was estimated that 126.3 million cell phones were put into the trash while only 14 million were recycled. That’s a recycling rate of 10% – and it is not very good. It was also pointed out that 68% of American consumers stockpile unwanted electrical equipment in their homes. The question is why?

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It Pays to Recycle Old Cell Phones

Recently, our sister company across the pond did a bit of research and found that 84% of the UK’s households had at least one cell phone stuck away in a drawer or cabinet. And the UK does not have nearly the cell phone users the USA does – with their ranking eighth in the list […]

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Sustaining Cell Phone Recycling in New Mexico

Dumpster Weekend Recycling cell phones and other advanced consumer electronics is gaining popularity every year. Recently, in Farmington, New Mexico, local residents recycled some 41,300 pounds of electronics during Dumpster Weekend. This is a special event held every October, for which residents sort their unwanted cell phones and other electronic goods throughout the year. Cell […]