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How Much Can I Get For My Phone?

It’s a question that we hear a few times a day via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook, and it’s a question that we wanted to address in a public manner. In this post, we want to show you the steps that need to be taken to find out what your phone is, how much your phone […]

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Cell phone recycling occupies unique position

When it comes to recycling used goods, most people would agree that there is nothing wrong at all with donating used items to a thrift store such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.  From pots and pans to gently worn clothing, such items can enjoy a viable second life by such donations as they generally […]

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A new use for phone trade-in

Most people who do a phone trade-in deal are interested in getting rid of an old phone in favor of one that is sparkling and new, with all the latest features.  Quite often, a trade-in does not even require a phone owner to send the phone company his or her current handset.  Instead, a new […]

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Finns win cell phone throwing contest

Americans can think of many different things to do with their cell phones.  Calling, texting, playing games, and watching videos are just the tip of the iceberg.  Most likely, however, relatively few Americans would want to participate in a new ‘sport’ involving cell phones, not even if the event is a hit in the northern […]

Posted by Scam: Getting the Facts Right

Like any company these days, there are always going to be a few discontented individuals that have had a negative experience when using a service or purchasing a product, especially online. These experiences can then blow up into something totally overstated and even competitors can anonymously help push that rumor, and that’s precisely what has […]

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E-trash set to increase fivefold in some nations

David Newman has a point.  A good one.  Newman serves on the board of the International Solid Waste Association and he recently spoke on the need for better waste disposal, commenting: “We are creating an environmental disaster that developing countries are ignoring at their own peril.” That environmental disaster is based on the leap in […]