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Moto G Review: Best Budget Phone

In years past, if you were releasing a smartphone that you wanted to get people all over the world talking about, your chances for success were slim to nil if your product wasn’t called some variation of the term “iPhone.” It seemed for a while that only Apple would be able to release a product […]

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Samsung S4 Mini Review – How Does It Compare?

Bigger isn’t always better, but that doesn’t mean that smaller is either? With that in mind we took a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The little Samsung is a smaller version of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4, though is not merely a shrunken version of its big brother. It’s lower in price, but […]

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The Top 5 Android Chat Applications Of The Week

Staying connected with your loved ones is the most important thing in every person’s life. Ages before, even when the technology was not invented, people struggled to keep in touch through letters and telegrams and eagerly waited a response from their beloved ones. Telephones came as a relief making communication easier and faster. Soon the […]