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Who are the Buyers of Cell Phones?

You must have seen the ad on the television of a guy carrying a sweet little orange coloured cell phone and jumping happily inside a bag. That advertisement shows a woman with a new cell phone, who is willing to sell her old one for cash. It is a reputed online recycling firm in the UK, but sometimes it may not provide the highest value for a phone.

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HTC Tweets Froyo Update

This announcement will please a number of HTC customers. But it is only applicable to HTC Wildfire.

A spokesperson from the company said to, “Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) on Wildfire is scheduled to begin rolling out this week in Europe, reaching all areas of the world by February. Thanks for your patience as these updates roll out; we think you’ll enjoy the final product.”

Though this may seem to be good news, analysts believe that this may not work out for British users. As the networks in the UK usually fail to roll out update programmes quickly, there is a chance that this one may also take a while.

Meantime, the rumours of a Windows Phone 7 handset being made by the Finnish manufacturing company Nokia after talks with Microsoft are likely to disappoint Apple. These handsets will now be introduced in the coming year.

It appears that Nokia has taken this grave move after much thought. Many cell phone fraternities are thinking whether Nokia has considered the views of its own customers before taking such a step.

According to others, it is a bizarre move, especially because Nokia trusts that MeeGo will function in a remarkable way to enhance their smartphone business, along with Symbian 3.

People are of the opinion that the selection of Stephen Elop as head of Nokia might have some relation with the negotiations among the two giant companies. Elop previously was a member of the top management in Microsoft.

To conclude, it can be said that the coming year is likely to bear witness to some exciting and interesting event and incidents to come.

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Why should you sell your cell?

Recently, a survey conducted in Philippines revealed that this nation with a 92 million population has around 87 million subscribers using cell services. This constitutes 94% of the total population of the country. It is like a drop of water into the vast ocean. International Telecommunications Union pegged world-wide cell phone subscribers at approximately 5 billion. Just imagine, each owner use a cell phone just for a year, and if so many people discard their cell phones each year, the carbon footprint from obsolete handsets can create astronomical harm to our Earth’s environment.