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If you are looking for ways to De-clutter your house or apartment and don’t know where to start, then we would like to suggest Donna Smallin Kuper’s new book entitled How To De-Clutter and Make Money Now is also featured in this publication by Donna, helping people to find out what they can do […]

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Cell phone ban eased

Life for students at Helena High School changed last week as they were given permission to be able to use new and old cell phones in the school building, a move that puts the school into step with its cross-town rival Capital High School as well as a number of smaller schools, which are situated in the region.

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Cell phones in cinemas

Cinema chains in the United States are considering allowing the use of new and old cell phones in movie theatres in a desperate bid to appeal to the teenage crowd who cannot bear to go for more than five minutes without texting someone.

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Cell phones to be used in school lockdowns

Cell phones played an important role at a Dr Charles Best Secondary School lockdown last month, being used to help calm fears about an intruder, and officials are now considering making more frequent use of the cellular devices in order to be able to share information about any kind of threats to schools.