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Cell phone toddler fight video results in arrests

Three daycare workers have been arrested for apparently watching and encouraging toddlers to engage in fights.  The daycare workers from Delaware’s Hands of Our Future Daycare were arrested on Monday and they were released on bail Tuesday afternoon. The arrests followed the discovery of a cell phone video that showed them urging two three-year-olds to […]

Posted by Scam: Getting the Facts Right

Like any company these days, there are always going to be a few discontented individuals that have had a negative experience when using a service or purchasing a product, especially online. These experiences can then blow up into something totally overstated and even competitors can anonymously help push that rumor, and that’s precisely what has […]

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Phones and tablets earnings news

The manufacturers of cellular devices have been in the process of releasing the latest quarter’s earnings reports, with a number of companies including the likes of Research In Motion and Nokia finding it tough to compete with Apple and the makers of devices that run Google’s Android software.