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Samsung Galaxy Note II arriving before end of November

It may be time to sell your cell phone.  Major handset manufacturer Samsung has at long last announced the U.S. launch of the much-anticipated Galaxy Note II.  With a screen so big that it seems to bridge the world of tablets and cell phones, the Galaxy Note II will shortly be available on major cellular […]

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Another article? Don’t mind if we do! This time the team over at Mobile Dev & Design have featured us in their latest article which details how phone recycling has soared since the recent release and announcement of the iPhone 5. The article has some handy stats that show the percentages in which Smartphone sales […]

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Would You Buy An Apple iPad Mini?

In October, at the next Apple conference following on from the iPhone 5, we expect to see a new iPad unveiled – the iPad Mini. So why would Apple design a 7 inch tablet and launch it onto the market? In my opinion one of the main reasons Apple would do this,  is to simpl […]

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The iPhone 5 Costs $207 to build but Sells for $649

We have put together a US version of the components that make up an iPhone 5, and just how much each of these cost – giving a total of how much Apple shell out to create one iPhone 5 16GB phone. As you are about to see, it shows some jaw dropping figures in the […]

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Samsung Hit Out At Apple Fans In New Commercial

Once again the Samsung vs Apple saga has been escalated with a new tv commercial that Samsung have created, whereby they make fun of Apple fans that queue up for new phone releases. I’ve seen the commercial today and to be quite honest it is really well put together, and hats off for the turnaround […]

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Apple iPhone 5 Selling For Over $1,625 on eBay

For many of us, we didn’t realize just how much this new iPhone launch would impact on society. The iPhone 4S certainly excelled all expectations and it looked likely that the 4S would be the best selling of Apple’s iPhone generations because of the hype and scenarios that surrounded it’s release. I for one thought […]

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Apple's VP of Marketing, Says No Dock For iPhone 5

You read the title right, we have learned today that Apple will not be manufacturing a dock for the iPhone 5, something that they did do for older version for iPhone 5. Why? That’s because according to Philip Schiller, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing – most people who use docks use them with speaker […]