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Sandy brings down cell phone network for thousands

Cell phones have become an indispensable part of the average person’s life in the United States.  It was only natural, perhaps, for people hit hard by the ravages of this week’s Hurricane Sandy to believe that they would be able to use their phones during and after the extreme weather event, which was so strong […]

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Well it has been over a month now since we last appeared in the media, but we are back all thanks to Apple’s latest venture and announcement, which comes in the form of the Apple iPad Mini. This device is a smaller version of Apple’s larger 9.7 inch model and will appeal to those who […]

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Starbucks Trial New Wireless Charging Mats This Christmas

Have you ever found yourself in a Starbucks, ordered a cup of coffee, got yourself a table to sit down at to drink it, then taken out your Smartphone only to realize your battery has about 2 minutes left on it before it dies? Congratulations you are just like me! If you are then you […]

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iTunes 11 Delayed: Late November Release

As we know Apple’s iTunes 11 software should be available by now, for millions of users to upgrade to or download. However there have been a few complications in meeting the October mark, with Apple now shifting back the release date to the end of November. The reason for the postponement is down to Apple […]